My American friends, and friends in America,

Think about your neighbours—women, the poor, immigrants, Muslims, Latinos, queers, trans people, and others. Think of the people in other countries who depend on U.S. aid, diplomacy and action for their survival or security—including from the threat of climate change. Think of their faces and their names. (If you don't know their names, resolve to learn them.)

You may be tired after a 20-month campaign. They are, too. You may wish you could have a break, to recover yourself and your equilibrium. They won't get one. Trump, and the worst of the people he has energized, will be after them—immediately, and relentlessly.

Remember Niemöller's words. But remember also the words of Jack Layton, echoing the great leaders of our time—many of whom were channeling the precepts of the world's old religions.

Now is not for you to seek for your own comfort. Instead, now—today, this hour and moment—is for you to look to your neighbours and ask how you can help them. Every day for the next four years you have the option to act for their sake; or to be an armchair advocate, a virtue-signaller, or a clicktivist—acting to salve your conscience but not their real & coming wounds.

This also extends to those who voted for Trump. You can opt to retweet the best, sharpest words condemning them; or you can seek to find, meet, speak to, understand, empathize with and ultimately sway them to better choices. The latter course is immensely more difficult; but it is the only thing that will put an end to the situation we wake up in today.

Like prayers, these are decisions to be made, and renewed, every day.


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