…but I started reading War and Peace, which I bought back in September. I'm on page 283 of ~1500, and it's really not as painful as some people have led me to believe. Nor, however, is it the masterwork others sell it as. Then again, I'm not even into the meat of the plot. We'll see. At the same time I've watched 24 episodes of Great Teacher Onizuka in the past four days or so. It's a great anime, not sure what was keeping me from it.

Why does noone else like White Stripes? Jeez. Last party we had, Danielle was lovin' on Matt Good and dismissing Me First as "so late-'90's" while Kim held a completely opposite view. But noone likes White Stripes. I don't get it.

Sometimes these things make me think I'm delightfully and uniquely idiosyncratic - and then I wake up and realize I'm merely unfocused. Crap.

In other news I've been doing circuit training at Hart House. I've recently moved from Bronze to Silver, which involves:

  1. Track Laps (6 for bronze, 8 for silver, where 7 = 1 km)
  2. Push-ups (15, 20)
  3. Burpees (14, 16)
  4. Stair Climbing (8, 10 flights)
  5. Sit-ups (15, 20)
  6. Dips (9, 12)
  7. Bench Steps (20, 25)
  8. Chin-ups (9, 12)

The idea is you go through the eight stations three times, and aim for a target time. For Bronze it's 28 minutes; for Silver 32. I've done Silver in 35 and 34 and am getting faster. Woo! I'm also going to do the CN Tower Stair Climb on October 20 - please throw change at me if you see me, I need to raise at least $25 for United Way.

Now Playing: The White Stripes - De Stijl - 03 - Little Bird


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