"I am a consumer whore!" "And how!"

Justin's party was quality - we played some unconventional football, including a faked broken leg and the most spectacular fumble ever. Dad's famed nacho dip went over well. Jeff's was equally awesome, although I ended up doing quite a bit of chauffeuring, since I wasn't drinking. The hot tub was excellent, and I got to watch drunken antics, for once, instead of perpetrating them.

The Nike 10 km run went fairly well - I beat my target time of 45 minutes, finishing in 44:11. Photos forthcoming as soon as the Nike photographers get their collective ass in gear. Ran into lots of people I knew - besides Jerms, Brian, Chuck, Amy and Henry from dragonboat, there were Emily and Jamy (Iron Dragons 2005, both volunteering), Nem (ID2004), Sandra (Applewood), Yolanda (Glenforest) and Megan (Skule). The run itself wasn't too bad, but between the on/off weather beforehand and afterwards, stuffing our faces with free food (beef jerky and crispy baguettes…?!) and waiting 75 minutes for the ferry, it was an exhausting day. I'll definitely have to bring someone to babysit me for the marathon in the fall: I'll have to run four times as far at maybe four-thirds the pace. Urk.

Jon is finally using his deviantART account - good job, dude.

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James Bond is the man, to me, because - I don't care what nobody says - if you can get a gun an' shoot thirty people, walk out, blow it up, not get a piece of dirt on you, walk down the block, pick up a chick and take her to a motel, you is the shit! I don't give a damn, you is the shit!


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