I’ve resolved to post despite the steadily mounting mania that is Engineering Science. Simply put, I feel that I need to learn to juggle as many things as possible without letting the small ones slide; the latter is poor practice and really the only way accomplish secondary objectives. Where doing well in school is currently my primary objective, things like staying healthy, being content in life (and all that entails), attending to my various hobbies/clubs/musical involvements, etc. are important in their own right.

This is Hell Week - next week may be worse, but I haven’t sized it up yet for fear it might make me cry. On my plate:

Tuesday (tomorrow/today)

  • ECE - LAB (prep currently incomplete)
  • CHE - MIDTERM, 5-7 (studying required)


  • PHL - Assignment 1 DUE (3-4 page exegesis, text not even chosen)
  • AER - Assignment 2 DUE (motor driving circuit and report, circuit to be completed and tested)
  • Stageband 7-9


  • APM - Quiz 2 (studying ~half complete)
  • PHY - Problem Set 4 DUE (not started)


  • PHY - Lab 1 Writeup DUE (not started)
  • PHY - Lab 2 (choose, prep and begin)

I’m in a state just shy of panic right now, and that’s mostly because I’m wearing my comfortable new slippers. Really, if I was less physically relaxed, I’d be freaking out. To work!

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