It’s official, Bob and I have one of, if not the most pimpingest suites at Innis for the coming year. Excellent. Come visit me.

Things are getting busy in the end-of-summer ramp-up to school. F!rosh week prep, the last few dragonboat practices before the GWN races on 11-12 Sep, and packing for move-in to res. Dear God, the packing. I must be a woman in disguise, I’ve got so much stuff.

I’ve currently got three hard drives, Maxtor 6Y060L0 (60 GB) and 6Y160L0 (160 GB), and Seagate ST380021A (80GB), for a total of 300 GB or thereabouts. The problem is, it’s getting crowded - way too much anime. I’m all set to burn about 50 GB using my sister’s DVD-R before school starts, but I’d still like to do something about space. Also, having all those drives running in my case makes it pretty toasty at times, especially at Innis where the upload speed tends to be close to the maximum (I uploaded almost 4 terabytes of data during first year). Anyways, I’m thinking about a couple of SATA drives - perhaps 80 GB and 250 GB, roughly priced at $95 and $230. The question is, can I make enough from the sale of my old drives to recoup the majority of that cost? Remains to be seen, but if you know a potential buyer, let me know.

Anyways, my bed beckons, and tomorrow’s packed: dragonboat practice, exchanging coveralls, back-to-school shopping, packing, trying to convince my dad that a cell phone makes fiscal sense, work on and my own site, and possibly even some time spent with Alice. Oy.

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