I should really stop being so anal about formatting… making the paragraphing work properly with the blog template just took me ten minutes, argh. Two thumbs up for being awake at 0233.

I’ve got a new link button, so check it out… turns out I was stupid for sticking with Corel PHOTO-PAINT for so long; Photoshop actually is easier to use. Many parts of the site have been updated, btw, and I like it a lot more … it’ll be easier to update. Up at the top there is a new title image and a bar with links to the most recent blog entries and a quote of the day, which has been and will be more of a quote-of-the-several-months for a while yet. I’ve still got to write the script to run that, and think up some original lines that don’t blatantly rip Tat. Still, you really shouldn’t visit jerkcity - most indecent humour ever. I laughed for days.

I’d like to wish safe travel to Monika, who’s heading to India tomorrow today for most of the summer. She says she’ll still have access to the intarweb, though - just through a phone line (gasp, I know, I know). Also props to Mark, who’s abandoned LJ and got a blog account at my insistence… we’ll see who updates more often. Probably neither of us.

Editorializing: On Ontario politics: I bet the Tories are having a huge laugh-up right now, enjoying how they were able to simultaneously overspend and set the next government up to look bad. Jerks. On the Middle East: America and Israel again take out (presumably) innocent civilians. Several years ago, when I first took interest in what’s going on in the (former) cradle of civilization, it seemed that goodwill, disarmament, humanitarian investment and a bit of peacekeeping could just fix the region’s problems. Now I’m beginning to worry, in an uncharacteristically pessimistic sort of way, that there’s a deeper problem, namely: people are (fucking) stupid. Joe Western Hemisphere is too attached to his middle-class lifestyle; Washington can’t see the harm in a little jingoism or a war to stir up the economy; and a bunch of idiots in Iraq somehow believe they have reasons to help the coalition blow up parts of their own country while the Israelis and Palestinians have yet to wrap their heads around the math that says that there’s not enough of that land to go around. The whole situation would be tiresome if it wasn’t so horrible.

OK, 3 am…definitely bedtime, the job search must continue and there’s a dragonboat practice tomorrow night.

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