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China's GB/T 2260 standard defines six-digit numerical codes for the administrative divisions of China, at the county level and above. For instance, the Haidian district of Beijing has the code 110108.

The most recent version of the official standard, designated "GB/T 2260-2007", was published in 2008. However, codes are routinely revised, and the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) publishes an updated list online annually.

This repository contains a Python script that attempts to produce an up-to-date list of the GB/T 2260 codes, with extra information including English names, Pinyin transcriptions, administrative levels, etc.

The repository also contains the output of the script, e.g. in data/unified.csv, that can be bookmarked for use with Github's built-in CSV viewer and search functions.


PyGDX is a Python package for accessing data stored in GAMS Data eXchange (GDX) files. GDX is a proprietary, binary file format used by the General Algebraic Modelling System (GAMS); pyGDX uses the Python bindings for the GDX API.

It makes use of the widely-used and well-supported xarray to provide multidimensional labelled data structures which can be easily manipulated for calculations and plotting.

Documentation is available at