Peer-reviewed articles

  • Paul Natsuo Kishimoto, Valerie J. Karplus, Min Zhong, Eri Saikawa, Xu Zhang 张旭, and Xiliang Zhang 张希良 (accepted 2017-02-16). “Impact of Coordinated Policies on Air Pollution Emissions from Road Transportation in China.” Transportation Research Part D.
  • Sergey Paltsev, Yen-Heng Henry Chen, Karplus, Kishimoto, John M. Reilly, Andreas Loeschel, Kathrine von Graevenitz, and Simon Koesler (2016). “Reducing CO₂ from Cars in the European Union.” Transportation. doi:10.1007/s11116-016-9741-3
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  • Karplus, Kishimoto, and Paltsev (2015). “The Global Energy, CO₂ Emissions, and Economic Impact of Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards.” Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 49(4):517–538. URL:

Technical reports & working papers

Excluding those available as published journal articles, above. All published by the MIT Joint Program on the Science & Policy of Global Change.

  • Chen, Paltsev, Reilly, Jennifer Morris, Karplus, Angelo Gurgel, Niven Winchester, Kishimoto, Elodie Blanc, and Mustafa Babiker (March 2017). The MIT Economic Projection and Policy Analysis (EPPA) Model: Version 5. Joint Program Technical Note #16. URL:
  • Kishimoto, Karplus, Zhong, Saikawa, Xu Zhang, and Xiliang Zhang (August 2016). Impact of Coordinated Policies on Air Pollution Emissions from Road Transportation in China. Joint Program Report #299. URL:
  • Paltsev, Chen, Karplus, Kishimoto, and Reilly (May 2015). Impacts of CO₂ Mandates for New Cars in the European Union. Joint Program Report #281. HDL:1721.1/99411.
  • Kishimoto, D. Zhang, Xiliang Zhang, and Karplus (January 2015). Modeling regional transportation demand in China and the impacts of a national carbon constraint. Joint Program Report #274. HDL: 1721.1/93252.
  • Kishimoto, Paltsev, and Karplus (September 2012). The Future Energy and GHG Emissions Impact of Alternative Personal Transportation Pathways in China. Joint Program Report #231. HDL: 1721.1/73607.

Refereed conference papers & presentations

Excluding those later published as journal articles or technical reports, above.

  • Kishimoto. The relationship between urban characteristics and transport expenditures of Chinese households. In: 40th IAEE International Conference (Singapore, SG, 2017-06-18).
  • Kishimoto, Karplus, and D. Zhang. Transportation energy demand and emissions in China's provinces to 2030. In: 37th IAEE International Conference (New York, NY, US, 2014-06-15).
  • Kishimoto, D. Zhang, Xiaohu Luo 罗小虎, Xiliang Zhang, and Karplus. Projecting provincial energy demand and CO₂ emissions in China to 2030. In: 7th International Energy Workshop (Beijing, CN, 2014-06-04).
  • Kishimoto. Applying Advanced Uncertainty Methods to Improve Forecasts of Vehicle Ownership and Passenger Travel in China. In: 31st USAEE/IAEE North American Conference (Austin, TX, US, 2012-11-04).
    • Runner-up for the Dennis J. O'Brien Best Student Paper Award.