Following on my last week's work mapping the Getting Things GNOME! data model, week 2 of my GSoC experience involved preparing this somewhat-lengthy analysis of how we store tasks in GTG, and how it should change. Of course, it doesn't hold a candle to things like the 168-page iCalendar RFC…of which a good ten percent is devoted to the recurrence specification grammar for VEVENTs and VTODOs.

Needless to say, I recommended we find a more straightforward way of solving this bug. To make you read the actual analysis, I won't give away my other conclusions here!

I have also started a page for user stories to guide future development, and begun moving around large blocks of code to start to tease apart the user-facing and core portions of GTG.

Some questions for the Planet hive mind:

  1. Which is preferred idiom — import sys; sys.exit(1) or raise SystemExit(1)? The latter avoids an import…
  2. Likewise, most modern PyGTK applications include a pygtk.require('2.0') wrapped in a try/except clause. Is this suggested/required in every file that imports gtk, only the lowest level, or only once per application (presumably in the root or top-level UI module)?


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