The ball is 3 cm in diameter, held either magnetically so all but a small polar area is exposed. In addition to rotating smoothly, the ball registers (but does not yield to) pressure; "clicking" is emulated by squeezing or pinching the ball with some combination of fingers. An LED blinks or a sound is played to indicate a click is registered.

An internal gyroscope allows smooth scrolling by flicking the ball in any direction. The gyroscope restricts the rotation of the ball to that axis until deactivated by another tactile signal.

With a suction cup or other attachment on the base and Bluetooth, the device is smaller than a 4 cm cube and provides a more user-friendly alternative to the laptop touch pad. It can also be attached to a wrist-mounted frame (similar to a slingshot's) to be always within reach, whatever the seating or arm position of the user.

The concept extends the Griffin Powermate, RIM Blackberry Pearl, and various other small trackball devices.


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