Well, well. A New Year! I got wildly and inexcusably drunk on New Year's Eve at Konrad's place (Lil's blog has photos). Moreover, I did it intentionally, which is a rare and awesome thing. Today was the annual Kishimoto Family New Year's Day Open House (KFNYDOH, sounds like a martial art) at my uncle's place in Weston. For the uninitiated, this involves a lot of pre-cooking during Boxing Week, and about 125 guests (mostly adult friends of the family) coming by between 3 and 10 PM. The amount and variety of food defies description, but I'll try and find a picture for a later post. Even waking up hung over at 9 AM was offset by the traditional breakfast of mochi and o-zoni (sticky rice cakes and soup). All told a prize couple of days.

Time does not count itself. You have only to look at a circle and this is apparent. - Leto II (The Tyrant) Chapterhouse: Dune, Frank Herbert

As the parties subside I'm considering the New Year and what it holds. I usually badmouth resolutions in favour of strong willpower, but I rarely display that quality. The new year represents a (slightly) more concrete motivation to practice as I preach. Thus I resolve:

  • to weekly:
    • write a poem, or portion thereof,
    • Work out, run or circuit train at least twice,
    • play guitar for an hour, and
    • post on this blog;
  • to be more productive by working before playing;
  • to think before talking;
  • to be morally upright and honest, and not use the excuse of expediency cheaply;
  • to respect the views of others by avoiding the habitual, condescending labels 'unsophisticated' and 'ignorant'; and
  • to never cease trying on new ideas, experiences and viewpoints.

Combined, that's a fairly tall order, but they're all things I've been moving towards or doing sporadically over the past few months. Also I anticipate more free time this term, so hopefully I can be a bit more relaxed.

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