…plus c'est la même chose, non? Frighteningly enough I can't even say it's mid-October; that's come and gone. The term is nearly half over. I'm having less than complete success keeping my vague resolutions for this year, but any progress is better than none. Improvements:

  • Working out more; doing circuit training once or twice weekly, usually with Calden. Ultimate games on weekends. CN Tower Stairclimb this Saturday.
  • Marks are decent; none of last year's "just didn't submit it" events.
  • Doing laundry and cleaning roughly weekly; doing dishes.
But nevertheless
  • Down to ~4h nightly sleep, and up to ~1.5 cups daily coffee.
  • Not running at all.
  • Just this week I've got about two lectures behind in my notes across all five of my core courses. That's maybe five hours worth of copying to do.
  • Missed a deadline for a lab report today, -5% of 7.5% of my final mark.

Also there are some things which are in that big grey area between the extremes. I've got three main extracurriculars; ECC, dragon boat and Stageband (<plug> Gig this Friday, 5:30 PM at SUDS. Call me for directions </plug>). I've left a lot of ECC work to my exec and house reps; I don't know if this constitutes proper delgation and denial of my obsessive-compulsive micromanagement tendency, or just laziness. Probably the latter. Dragon boat doesn't require much work at this time of year, but sometimes I come back to res to veg for a few minutes between classes instead of running errands / updating the website. Bad Paul. Finally, I'm truly hacking it at Stageband - I think I'm going to ask for my own horn for my birthday so I can practice more often. There are lots of cheap models on eBay, but I'm sort of worried about quality - anyone with any experience buying instruments sight-unseen? Work with me here, people.

This inattention is somewhat justified; consider that every week I've got three or four assignments / labs / memos / papers / other items due, plus usually a quiz. My courses have between one and four midterms / tests / quizzes, and it's coming up to the middle of the term, which means I'm hit with two per week for the next three weeks. It's important to note that these things have to be studied for; 'winging it' high-school-style just doesn't fly in undergrad Engineering.

My point? I shouldn't be writing at all! Back to work!

Now Playing: Radiohead - OK Computer - 02 - Paranoid Android

P.S. My computer's back. For the past two months MTBF has been about three days … let's hope that improves. More blather on my 'delocalization' efforts later.


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