May you live in interesting times [and attract the attention of interesting people [and may all your dreams come true]] Unknown

I just read an interesting article on the supposed origins of this curse, which I first stumbled across in a novel by Terry Pratchett years ago. I think it's fair to say we live in interesting times.

Here's a new take on the teenage-angst cliché "noone understands me," which is clearly a false generalization in anyone's case. Everyone has a store of items which resonate with them deeply - bits of writing, poetry, music, phrases, concepts, etc. Given how complex the world and the human mind are, it's better to list these items in order of their significance than to try and describe yourself. Extending this, if someone shares your touchstones, it's highly probable you see eye to eye on various issues and would get on well with them.

For example: you might say it's a delight to live in interesting times, attract the attention of interesting people, and have your dreams come true. On a superficial level I can agree - life would be exhilarating, to say the least. Still, the conflicts and injustices of the world, the emotionally draining and idiosyncratic lives of celebrities and public figures, and the dangers of being stinking rich, popular and irresponsible (common dreams) aren't things I'd wish on myself or my friends. Would you rather live comfortably in a suburb in Canada, or in a warzone in the Middle East? The warzone is interesting. Would you rather hang out with modest and honest people, or ambitious ones? The latter are interesting, but they take no prisoners to get where they're going. Do you have the strength of character to remain the person you are if all your dreams were realized? Would you want to struggle to do so?

It bears some thought, if you haven't considered the issue before. You can be content, or you can be happy and deal with sadness of equal magnitude, which invariably accompanies - decide for yourself where you want to strike the balance.

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