Hooooooooo boy. Things are getting busy. Here's what's up:

  • The Iron Dragons have gotten approval for sponsorship to buy a full team set of PFDs and get them screening. We are going to look hardcore badass next year - and I mean moreso than previously.
  • School's started - studying and problem sets out the wazoo. I'm happy to report that I haven't failed to hand anything in - yet - and I'm actually understanding the math. Aerodynamics in particular is a fascinating course, PDEs is horrid, and the prof for Control Systems lectures at lightspeed. About all these more later. Honour roll, here I come!
  • The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon was yesterday (Sunday). Results here (309th, bib #1169). I finished in 3:29, which I can hardly believe. I had this crazy feeling of euphoria as I crossed the finish line - I almost felt like crying. Then the pain in my hamstrings kicked in, and I did cry a bit. The weather was perfect (overcast but less than 5 minutes of rain), the course was beautiful, and having free gatorade and Power Gels (the announcer called it a "catered training day") helped immensely. I did indeed hit "the Wall" around 34-35km, and fell behind the 3:30 pace bunny by about 200 m. The rest of the race I just told myself to "Get the fucking rabbit," and managed to catch up just before the finish.

    Mad congrats to my roommate/friend/training partner Bob (3:53, bib#2341) and Iron Dragons teammate Roy (3:47, bib#433) - three first-timers under 4:00, we kick ass. Thanks Mom and Dad for coming out and cheering us on/dragging our broken bodies back to Innis.

    Can I walk today? Hell no. Will I do it again? Hell yes.

  • Stageband is indeed back In Full Swing. I'm surprised I remember how to play the trombone. Anyone want to give me a horn?

  • Life at Innis is picking up. Stay tuned for big changes to (if you can see it).
  • My computer is still broken. I've given up on having it back in any recognizable form. I wish I had enough spare dough to just buy my dream system. Please don't comment on how sad it is that I have a dream system.
  • My ego has shot through the roof for unspecified reasons. I'm not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. Pride goeth before a fall, after all.

Here's to more frequent posting—and badass Goa trance:

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