…I mean, two. I move back into residence tomorrow, for my third year of Engineering Science and my first in the Aerospace option. The summer isn't ending on a good note; rather things have ramped up from manageable through busy to crazy, and might stay that way for some time. To those who've asked if I'm free for social events in the next week, I've been forced to say "Thanks, but no thanks" (Except for F!rosh Nite, 9:00PM Wednesday 7 September at the Guvernment, which everyone in the city should attend). Once again, there's no easing into the term - I'll have to hit the ground running and keep it up without pause. Ironically being good at actual running probably won't help much in this metaphorical sense.

Anyway, my plans for this year are threefold: A's, discipline and efficiency. I need 80%+ in each of my last four terms to graduate with honours; I think I'm more than capable if I apply myself more than in previous years. As a bonus good marks will help me get a better - or merely get a - PEY placement. Discipline means less time-wastage on useless crap like sleeping in to absurd hours, fiddling with code, trolling Contrabandwidth in the wee hours, etc. Efficiency means excising the make-work I habitually use to fool myself into thinking I'm getting things done; prioritizing homework; not wasting time playing catch-up after missing class, etc. In general I want to get rid of unworthy pastimes and focus on things that improve myself, my marks or others.

Some things I'd like to spend my spare time on:

  • Playing more guitar and trombone (I may have to rent/buy one).
  • Reading more. I'm going to start buying and reading Penguin (or other) Classics, which is apparently a 20-year project.
  • Doing badass web stuff on behalf of the ECC and Iron Dragons (less fiddling with my own site).
  • Staying in shape. At least three, possibly four days of either running or working out per week. I've gotten into great shape over the summer, and there's no use losing it. This also means eating well and healthily, and sleeping more than, say, 6 hours a night.

The sad fact is that I, like anyone else, am a creature of habit, and good intentions can only do so much. Luck, nagging from friends and other outside motivation will have to take me the rest of the way.


For those who don't know I've been training for a marathon all summer. It's the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on September 25. For those who aren't fans of running, a marathon is always 42 km. That's far - I expect to take over 4 hours to finish, running nonstop. I'll be running with Bob, who's done a truly admirable job of going from a tubby (Haha! Admit it!) to a distance runner entirely since the beginning of the summer. In all honesty he used to jog for ~3 km distances and have to stop occasionally, as recently as April.

Anyway as a participant I have the option of fundraising for a charity of choice from a long list, and I've chosen the Alzheimer Society of Ontario in memory of my grandfather. Please sponsor me! Considering how far I'm running, $20 is less than 50¢ per kilometer. Would you run a kilometer if I gave you 50¢? I didn't think so.

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