I Googled myself today, for fun (?…!). For Paul Kishimoto the top 5 matches actually refer to me. In quotes, 80 results show up, not all referring to me. My sister Marla Kishimoto doesn't give any relevant results - in quotes, there's nothing at all. A plain search for Kishimoto turns up my cousin Laura in about 130th position, and me. about 230th. Perhaps I should aspire to be at the top; perhaps that's hugely nerdy. We'll see.

Intermediate Salsa started today - I'm both proud and ashamed that I'm good at it. I don't seem to have forgotten much since November or December, either - should continue to be fun. The classes are 1.5h instead of 1h and it shows - I'm noticeably tired.

This weekend is packed: dragonboat, Justin's "Romanian Débutante Party" (not my choice of a name) and Jeff's "it's officially summer" pool party Saturday; followed by RUNTO most of Sunday, and who-knows-what (I do!) Sunday evening. Ergo, bed. I've come up with an interesting idea for an AI coding project; it has to do with the book I'm reading.

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