I really like this album. Sam Roberts seems to have the right idea when he shouts "We will rise like a phoenix from the ashes" - it is something that should be shouted, not sort of…prayed. You know? "Life sucks right now, I hope I can somehow miraculously succeed" is not the tone that goes with the statement.

Is it pretentious to point out that there's only one phoenix?

I also like Every Part Of Me ("I can never bring them back but those days remain inside the very heart of me / My memories are white and black but the song's the same and plays in every part of me") and Rarefied ("You say you won't be a friend of mine, but you can't be a lover 'cause you take up all my time") - familiar sentiments both.

Packing right now for res moveout in … 3 hours! It feels good to be done. For better or worse, second year is over. Instead of routine and easily-derailed method of planning to live and do better next year, I'm going to start this summer. I'll outline my utterly ridiculous running plans later. Back to packing!

Now Playing: Sam Roberts - We Were Born In A Flame - 04 - Higher Learning


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