I've got FOCUS in big red sharpie on a Post-It on my monitor, but it's only helping me sporadically. Tonight was a bit of a write-off; I printed off some past exams for Fluid Mechanics and went down to the Fish Bowl to study, but couldn't get into it because of

  • Boorishly drunk first-years stomping down the hall,
  • A rude couple gabbling at each other instead of studying, and
  • Cute girls just sitting there being cute.

Seriously, I made errors in a triple integral. I never do that. </sarcasm> So it's one post and off to bed.

I'm not sure what to think of all this uproar about Bernard Law celebrating one of the memorial Masses for the late Pope. He's the one who shuffled sexually abusive priests around the US to hide their actions. That's pretty bad form. On the other hand, protesting at the mass is a bit like squabbling at a funeral, except in this case much more disrespectful given the identity of the deceased. What strikes me even more is that the standard American response to offense (litigate, litigate, litigate) seems to be outweighing the Christian doctrine of forgiveness. The now-adult victims are surely scarred, but the fact that they're out for blood seriously dents my sympathy for them. The offending priests can be brought to trial; the current clergy can be vetted for deviants, and training and enforcement can be organized to prevent molesters from being ordained. Hounding Law smacks of revenge, by those who'd rather have their pound of flesh than contribute an ounce to prevention or anything at all to a cure.

I call myself a liberal but sometimes it gets pretty complicated. Time for bed.

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