Who'd have thought I've got so much stuff? I've spent most of the past week cleaning. I've cleaned my room, including unpacking, filling two large boxes with old books and Popular Science magazines (1992-2002!), two more with old clothes I never wear, and sorting through this year's schoolwork. Lots of stuff for charity. I seem to have been more organized this year; only one 3" binder and four notebooks for the whole year, as opposed to two 3" and one 1" for 2003-2004.

Also, I've purged the basement of a lot of old computer stuff. Unfortunately computer recycling seems to be a neglected area in Ontario, so I may have some trouble getting rid of it all. Currently I'm "fixing" my expenses record for the past term, and trying to figure out which Linux distro to install on an old 200 Mhz / 64 MB / 3 GB box so my parents can both use the internet at the same time.

Training for the marathon is getting in gear. I ran Monday, Wednesday, and today (Thursday) - today was one of the Nike runs from the store in Yorkville downtown. They're really organized hyping the 10 km race this year - unfortunately there's this whole trash-talk-between-boroughs ploy that's getting tiresome. I just want to run, jeez. Anyway, 34 minutes for 8 km today, including maybe 12 flights of stairs up and down. Pretty good!

Now: more finances, web design, and cleaning. Tomorrow: getting a damn job.

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