I think a good use of (relatively) cheap commercial space travel would be to send every head of state up for a good look at the planet. Some wouldn't want to go; some would be unfit to; some would merely retreat further into their hidebound ways - but from what I've read and heard, the majority would be shocked into a new perspective on our planet and the life on it. You can't see a flag waved from space; you can't see skin, you can't even see religious differences from a few metres away. What you can see is the beauty of our world, and in many sad cases the damage we're doing to it.

I got up at 8:30 today, w00t! Yesterday was excellent; went shopping with my mom for birthday presents - two pairs of pants and dress shoes that my parents are hanging onto until my actual birthday; plus I got a whole load of candy and snacks for the run-up to exams. We went to a little restaurant in Port Credit for a $200 belated birthday dinner for the mother, along with some good wine and conversation. Alice is right, my family does get along well - it's great!

The next week is rather ridiculously crazy, and it all starts today with a trip to Oakville just to use some machine tools. Also check my deviantART, new stuff in frequently.

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