I got Heretics of Dune as an ultra-advanced birthday present, and made the mistake of starting to read it. Now I’ve come over all philosophical.

The ghola was developing a nerve-muscle equilibrium that, given time, might be matched a psychological equilibrium at least equal to Teg’s.

Maybe that’s my problem - lack of real psychological equilibrium. Not to say that I’m psychologically unstable; indeed I feel I’m more stable than many people, and in the absence of stressors I can achieve a high degree of mental clarity and relaxation. The problem lies in the fact that I’m currently unable to predict and control how the equilibrium responds to changes in conditions.

In short, I hope to one day feel and be perceived as capable and potent, whereas currently in the face of unexpected events or amounts of work I fear I become disorganized, unfocused and ineffective.

Now Playing: Animatrix Soundtrack - 09 - Overseer - Supermoves (Animatrix Remix)

Ever heard this song? It’s on both the Animatrix and Snatch soundtracks. Plays during the machine battle in The Second Renaissance Part I of the Animatrix (to which it’s perfectly suited), and I haven’t seen Snatch yet. I like it. The drumwork and treble synth make it seem almost frenetic, but the synth bass and bass drum beat are very deliberate, driving. I think of a knife fight, a ring of spectators primed for violence, streetlights and shadows, tension. The fighters stalking each other in a circle, on the edge, small blades and big egos, grinning ear to ear. They wait and then dive in, riding the crowd and endorphins to a serious, rocking high, intent in the noise, the sweat - the blood.

Woo speedwriting! Also, speaking of soundtracks, check out the one for Office Space - especially “Shove This Jay-oh-bee”, “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta”, “No Tears”, “Still” and the Perez Prado tracks.

Back to work!


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