Seriously, it’s almost like a lottery. The first round of readmission offer e-mails just got sent out to people trying to return to Innis for 2004-2005, and those offered and those placed on the waiting list follow no noticeable order whatsoever. Perhaps merit was awarded to the ability to schmooze, brownnose, and BS - I got in, I guess, because I used my essay to make myself look like Mother Theresa herself, except younger, male, of a different background and not in any way on the fasttrack to canonization. Anyways, I got back in, and I’m relieved - now to get a job so my parents will pay the $5000 (yikes!) fees. Bless their hearts.

Today was mostly a series of meals: I got up early to go to Cora’s for breakfast with the fam. Unfortunately their fifteen five-dollar breakfasts are no longer so numerous or cheap, but it’s good food. Once of their omelettes had every conceivable breakfast ingredient - mushrooms, onions, other veggies, cheeses (yes plural), a few kinds of meat, garnishes, etc. etc. Something like the TMNT sushi and jello pizza, but infinitely more appetizing. Yum. Then a huge deli sandwich for lunch. Then to Dixie Park for cheap (but non-westernized) Chinese food: Beef and Green Onion with Bean Sprout on Rice Noodle, $5.75. Another excellent establishment, look for the big pink building one light north of Eastgate Parkway on Dixie.

Gah, gotta run - I was going to pontificate, but it looks like there’s no time.


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